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Alarm & Access Control Systems for Corporate Office Premises

Ensure your assets are secured by having an active Security Alarm System with
integrated Access Control to control & monitor movements of staff & clientele within your office building

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Tweed Corporate Alarm & Access Control Specialist – JB Security

Control access of staff & visitors to your office.

With our integrated Alarm + Access Control Systems, you have complete control over times
and days individuals are permitted entry. This is achieved by:

• Swipe Card Readers on Access Doors – now available with NFC compatible devices

• Electronic Locks on Doors

• Customised Timezones for Individual Staff and Levels

• Automatic Logging of Entry & Exit Times

• First Person in Automatically Disarms Alarm, Last Out Automatically Arms Alarm; via Swipe Cards

• Building Lockdown on Public Holidays

Our systems are flexible and can perform almost any desired operation.
They are expandable and can grow as your Corporation grows.
All come with PC Software to allow trusted personal to add and edit users, access levels and holidays as and when needed.

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