Burleigh Warehouse Security Systems – we turned this Warehouse that doubles as a Man Cave into a secure sanctuary for our client and his friends to enjoy. All the bells and whistles went into this completed project – Alarm, CCTV and Access Control.


To get this sacred space secured and protected!

We were approached to customise and execute a reliable, effective Man Cave Security solution with the right technology and integration capabilities.


We know that a Man Cave is more than just a space or a room – it’s a spot to unwind, relax or sometimes escape. With this in mind, we took a comprehensive approach and based the solution around the premise of having all angles covered. We integrated an Alarm System with CCTV and added an Access control element to complete the seamless Security Solution.

You don’t skimp out on a Man Cave’s TV and mini bar, so we knew the best of the best in Security products were called for – Bosch and NYX got to shine through for this security project.


Our cutting-edge alarm serves as the first line of defence for this Gold Coast Man Cave. We opted for a Bosch 6000 top-of-the line system with Quad Motion Detectors to detect intruders before they can breach this Man Cave space.

We strategically thought about the detector locations to cover every entry point including doors and windows. The Alarm System is designed to trigger at the first sign of unauthorised access. To enhance this feature, we connected the Alarm to one of our trusted Back to Base Monitoring Stations. This means the Client is rest assured that his Man Cave is 24/7 protected.

To complement the Monitoring service and complete the alarm component of the Security Solution, our Client has access to an App to control the Alarm System – he can keep an eye on his special hideout from home, work or when on Holidays. The app allows him to let his friends use his space while he isn’t there.

As part of the Alarm and to add that extra layer of protection, we integrated  Access Control. Sleek Fobs used to tap on and tap off to authorise access, and for those invited newcomers, there is a PIN Pad that can be used to gain entry before graduating to their own Fob. A Touchless Exit Button adds a bit of luxury to the system and finishes off the Access component.


An innovative NYX CCTV System was installed to provide our client with constant surveillance coverage. Cameras are located internally and externally throughout to capture high-definition footage of every angle and every corner of the Man Cave.

We included a NYX 4 Channel NVR and 6 Megapixel Cameras for optimal coverage. A 21 inch monitor was mounted for the client to watch his space incase of a security breach.

Of course we included App accessibility so our client can keep an eye on his Man Cave and those friends that use it while he is away…




  • Bosch  6000ip Panel
  • Quad blueline Motion Detectors
  • Stainless Steel External Prox Card Reader
  • LOX Weather Resistant Strike Lock
  • Stainless Steel Touches Exit Button


  • NYX 4 Channel NVR 2TB
  • NYX 6 Megapixel Starlight Cameras
  • 21” Full HD Monitor

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