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Business Back to Base Monitoring is an essential with your Alarm System

JB Security – Gold Coast & Brisbane Back to Base Monitoring for your place of Business

With the ever-changing financial state of the nation, break-ins are unfortunately becoming more common.
We see it on the news every day. And in many cases break-ins have the potential to become violent, with terrible consequences.

Don’t risk you or staff, who knows what you may come up against in the middle of the day, let alone in the darkness of night. We all know the local authorities response time can vary largely due to all manner of other crimes that come first in que.

This is why business back to base monitoring is an essential part of your complete security system.

Leave your place of business rest assured that any illegal entry will be notified back to base.
Upon your consent a local patrol guard will be dispatched to your property without delay.

Instead of risking you or staff, let a fully trained Security Patrol respond in the correct manor to help save your valuable assets.

We utilise one of Australia’s few true Grade A1 monitoring stations. This is the highest level, in compliance with Australian Standards AS2201 for Monitoring Centres. It is also granted accreditation as a Quality Corporation under ISO:9001.

Our Grade A1 team is standing by 24/7.

There are two ways your alarm system communicates with the monitoring station.

The most common, yet least secure way is via your landline phone. On activation, your alarm seizes your phone line and dials the monitoring station to report any zones that have activated.

• Most businesses already have a phone line.
• No additional components required (ADSL users will need a filter).

• If your phone line is cut, panel cannot dial out.
• Every time your alarm activates you are charged on your phone bill.


Another option is over the GPRS Secure Wireless Network. This is fast becoming the preferred method as no phone line is required and the communication path cannot be interfered with, so no matter what, the monitoring station will always get the alarm signals.

• Cannot be interfered with.
• No extra phone call costs.
• System polled every 60 seconds – 60 minutes (depending on requirements).
• Arm and disarm remotely via Smartphone App.

• One off charge for the unit.
• Monthly fee higher due to dual SIM communication paths built in to units.


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