Alarm Monitoring

Have around the clock security with Back to Base Monitoring.

An essential partner with your home Alarm System, we offer Back to Base Monitoring services for Gold Coast, Brisbane & Tweed residents.

With the ever-changing financial state of the nation, break-ins are becoming more common.

Reduce the risk of break-ins and avoid violent encounters.

Don’t solely rely on your neighbours or passersby to respond to your Alarm sounding while you are not at home. Who knows what they may come up against in the middle of the day, let alone in the darkness of the night. We all know local authorities response time can vary, largely due to all manner of other crimes that come first in the queue. Back to Base Monitoring is instantaneous.

Back to Base Monitoring is an essential part of your complete Security Solution.

Leave your home confident that any unlawful entry will be notified Back to Base.
Upon your consent a local Patrol Guard will be dispatched to your property without delay.

Instead of risking you, your family members, or your neighbours wellbeing, let the monitoring station and a fully trained Patrol Guard respond to protect your valuable assets.

We utilise one of Australia’s few true Grade A1 monitoring stations. This is the highest level, in compliance with Australian Standards AS2201 for Monitoring Centres. It is also granted accreditation as a Quality Corporation under ISO:9001.

Our Grade A1 team are standing by you and your family 24/7.

How does Back to Base Monitoring work?


Your Alarm System that is connected to a GPRS Dialler communicates with the monitoring station through a secure wireless network. The monitoring station receives signals from your Alarm. The signals are monitored and in the event of Alarm activation or irregular activity, the monitoring station contacts the people on your nominated Call List or sends out a Patrol. You can choose from a range of security options that best suit you and give you the greatest peace of mind.



• The secure wireless network cannot be interfered with. The old way monitoring worked was through your home landline – easily cut to stop the signals between your Alarm and the station.

• No extra phone call costs. The communication is through the secure network and doesn’t rely on your landline.

• Your home is being watched over 24/7. You get confidence in knowing that your assets are secured.

• The monitoring station checks in with your Alarm System every 60 seconds to 60 minutes – depending on your requirements and preferences. You get consistent and reliable monitoring.

• You are immediately notified of any suspicious movements around your home.

• If your Alarm System develops faults, the batteries go low or a service is needed, the monitoring station advises you.

• You can add Smoke Alarms and Panic/Duress options.

• The GPRS Dialler comes with access to an App for your Smartphone or Tablet. You can remotely control your Alarm like arming and disarming.




Interested in Back to Base Monitoring for your Alarm System?

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