Commercial Access Control Systems

Control Who Comes in and out of Your Property

At JB Security, our business control systems and 24/7 gym access control systems allow you to manage and monitor access to your premises. With commercial access control systems, you can enable authorised individuals to enter specific areas of your business, while maintaining the security of others. 

Commercial access control systems give you a high level of security, and at JB Security, we only offer the latest technology to ensure your business control system is reliable and secure.  By implementing a commercial access control system, you can eliminate the hassle of cutting keys and distributing them to staff. If a staff member leaves, simply cancel their access fob.

High-Quality Business Control Systems

Keep Your Business Premises Safe

A high-quality, correctly installed commercial access control system lets you record who has entered your property, what areas they visited and when they arrived. This gives your business an added level of security and your staff members accountability. 

With our business control systems, you can add or remove access easily and ensure only authorised individuals enter certain areas of your building. This is especially useful if you have offices or storage rooms that contain confidential information. 

The expert team at JB Security will custom-design an access control system to suit the needs of your business, featuring electromagnetic locks to electronically secure your property and give you complete control of who enters. We use the best brands, including Bosch, Tecom, ICT Protegé and Inner Range. 

At JB Security, we integrate the latest technology into our business control systems. We offer: 

  • Access control systems that monitor the movements of staff, customers and suppliers across one or multiple sites. 
  • Voice and video entry phones. 
  • Access using PIN codes, Proximity swipe-cards and fobs, and Mobile Credential operated door locks which use Bluetooth and NFC technology. 

Types of access control systems we offer:


These access control systems use PIN-operated locks that allow authorised access by entering a four or six-digit code. The code can be updated when needed, and these can be used in conjunction with door strike locks or mag clamps. 


These business control systems and 24/7 gym access control systems allow you to control who has access to your building. Users will use swipe cards or tokens to enter. Depending on the type of access control equipment, the proximity readers can be programmed to only let certain people into certain areas of your premises at certain times. 

Access control systems have many benefits for businesses of all sizes. This extra security will ensure you know exactly when people are coming and going, and only authorised people can enter your premises.


Install a Business Control System

Custom-Designed Solutions to Suit your Needs

Make business security your priority and engage the professional team at JB Security to custom-design a business control system to suit your organisation’s needs and protect your assets from theft and break-ins.  

Contact us today to discuss which business control system will work for you. Fill out a quote, and we’ll be in touch to help you protect your home and keep your family and assets secure.



What are commercial access control systems?

Commercial access control systems are security solutions that enable your business to manage and monitor access to your premises. These systems eliminate the need for physical keys and allow you to control and track access to different areas of the building.

What are the benefits of using commercial access control systems?

Commercial access control systems provide enhanced security and offer several benefits for businesses. They enable your business to record and track entry, monitor areas visited, and ensure staff accountability. These systems simplify access management, eliminate the need for physical keys, and enhance overall security. If a staff member is dismissed or leaves the company, their access fob can be deleted or reassigned to another staff member. This removes the risk of physical keys being copied or lost and unaccounted for.

What types of access control systems do we offer?

JB Security offers various access control systems, including stand-alone PIN readers and proximity readers. Stand-alone PIN readers utilise PIN-operated locks, while proximity readers use swipe cards or tokens for access. These systems provide enhanced security, allowing businesses to monitor movements, control access, and ensure only authorised individuals enter your premises.

Using Only The Best Brands

Installing only the best products


Access Control for a Child Care Centre on the Gold Coast.


Access Control for a Therapy & Respite Centre on the Gold Coast.