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Commercial Access Control Security Systems for Gold Coast, Brisbane & Tweed businesses


Access Control, what is it?

Commercial Access Control Systems allow you to control and monitor who has access into your premises.

It is an easy way to grant individuals access to areas they are authorised to be in. Secure external and internal doors while controlling who enters your business at what time. It allows you to keep records of who has been where and when and you can add or remove access whenever you need.

Our custom designed Access Control Systems use electro-magnetic locks to electronically lock and secure your property. You can control who has access to offices, storerooms, server rooms, car parks, different levels and whole buildings.

We use the latest technology and brands like Bosch, Tecom, ICT Protegé and Inner Range to provide you with the best Commercial Access Control System for your business.

Monitor the movements of staff, customers and suppliers across one or multiple sites with our Access Control Systems. We can offer you:

• Voice & Video Entry Phones

• PIN-Number Operated Door Locks

• Proximity Swipe-Card or Token Operated Door Locks

What types of Access Control Systems do we use?



PIN-Number Operated Locks allow authorised entry by requiring the user to punch in a 4 or 6 digit code. The code can be updated as needed.
These are used in conjunction with door strike locks or mag clamps.



Proximity Operated Locks allow you to control access to your business by requiring the user to use swipe-cards or tokens. Depending on the type of Access Control equipment you opt for, the Proximity Readers can be programmed to only let certain people into certain areas at certain times.

Benefits of having Commercial Access Control Installed?

• Control who has access to what areas and when.

• Monitor movements of your staff, clients and suppliers. Know exactly when people are coming and going.

• You don’t have to worry about getting keys cut for staff.

• You have the ability to change authorised access whenever you need.

• Confidence in knowing your business is secured.


Need Access Control for your Commercial Site?

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Access Control for a Child Care Centre on the Gold Coast.


Access Control for a Therapy & Respite Centre on the Gold Coast.