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Ensure your assets are secured with an active Alarm System integrated with Access Control.

Alarm and Access Control Systems for Gold Coast, Brisbane & Tweed corporate buildings, office spaces and tenancies.

Monitor and control movements of staff and clientele within your office building.

We custom design integrated Alarm and Access Control Systems to suit your corporate needs.

Have complete control over who has access to what areas of your office and at what times.

Our systems are flexible and can perform almost any desired operation.

They are expandable and can grow as your Corporation grows.

All Alarm and Access Control Systems come with PC Software to allow trusted personal to add and edit users, access levels and holidays as and when needed.

To secure your office building, we use:

• Swipe Card Readers on Access Doors – now available with NFC compatible devices

• Electronic Door Locks


• Confidence in knowing your office is being secured.

• Ability to authorise individuals to have access to your office, restrict areas and control access times.

• Records are kept for easy referral and monitoring of who has been where and when.

• Your office building can be locked down for Public Holidays and other occasions.

• Easily Arm and Disarm the Alarm with programmed swipe cards. The first person to get to the office automatically disarms the Alarm. The last person to leave the office automatically arms the Alarm. You don’t need to worry about having a specific person to open and close each day.

• You can make changes and customisations to access whenever you need. Add, edit or delete users and swipe cards.

Are you a Tenant in a Corporate building?

Don’t solely rely on your building management system. If your building system goes down, you are left vulnerable. For better security and to protect your office space with your own tenancy Alarm and Access Control System. We can often configure your existing building fobs.



Need an Alarm + Access Control System for your Business?

Don’t put off securing your office space! Enquire now and we will get in touch with you to talk about your corporate security needs.


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