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Keychain Personal Attack Alarm



Feel safe walking at night or alone with our personal attack alarm. Lightweight and compact, our personal attack alarm can be easily attached to your wallet or handbag. The subtle design hosts two effective deterrents that you can activate when needed by pressing the SOS button or pulling the chain. The 130 decibel siren and bright flashing LED light immediately draws attention to you and your situation, causing any unwanted company to flee.


Perfect for anyone who wants to feel that extra bit of security when out and about or alone.


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Our keychain personal attack alarm offers you peace of mind. The subtle yet effective personal attack alarm can be attached to your keys, wallet or handbag for easy accessibility when you need it.


With two powerful deterrents, the loud ear piercing 130 decibel siren and bright LED light will raise the alarm and protect you against any unwanted company. Walk at night-time or alone, knowing you can activate the personal attack alarm at anytime to warn off any predators. Simply press the SOS button or pull on the keychain to set off the siren and flashing light.


Our personal attack alarms are USB compatible for easy and quick 30 minute charging to ensure it is always ready to go. These personal attack alarms have a 110mah battery life, with the capability to sound and light up continuously for up to an hour.


Ideal for shift workers finishing at night or early morning, women, children, the elderly and anyone who wants to feel that extra bit of security when out and about, or alone. Take it on your run, bush walk, or when you are out at night. These little personal attack alarms can be used to attract attention for health incidents. Gift one to your grandparents so they can feel safe and know that if anything was to happen, they can use the personal attack alarm to call for help.



  • Two powerful derrents
  • Loud 130 decibel alarm
  • Bright LED Flashlight
  • USB chargeable: compatible with your laptop, car-charger and power bank
  • Long 110mah battery life and only takes 30 minutes to recharge
  • Sounds and flashes continuously for up to 1 hour
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Attach to keys, wallets or handbags with the keychain hook
  • Sleek and subtle design
  • Light-weight, only 30g
  • Easily activated at the click of a button or by pulling the keychain
  • Available in a range of colours: blue, pink and white