Reusable BBQ Forks



Reusable BBQ Forks are a must have for every Aussie! Ideal for camping, these BBQ Forks are an outdoor kitchen staple. The adjustable lengths from 27.9cm to 81.3cm and rotating axis roasts marshmallows, veggies and snags to perfection whilst keeping you a safe distance from the flames.

Coming in a colourful 8 pack and protective canvas bag, the Reusable BBQ Forks can be taken with you on your trips, be used on your backyard BBQ, campfires and hiking.

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These Reusable BBQ Forks come in a pack of 8 with a canvas case. Roast marshmallows with the kids on your camping trip, char-grill veggies, cook sausages and use to get your steaks off the BBQ without burning your hands. The Reusable BBQ Forks have a rotating axis, so your food won’t burn and will BBQ evenly every time.

Each Reusable BBQ fork has a colour, you can easily identify which one is yours, which will help stop the kids from fighting over them. The stainless steel rod is extendable from 27.9cm up to 81.3cm, almost a metre! You can choose your length and keep a safe distance from the fire or hot BBQ. The wooden handle is ergonomic, comfortable to hold and is treated so it is going to last for many bonfires to come.

Easy to clean and stored away in the canvas case, the Reusable BBQ Forks are environmentally friendly. They are anti-rust treated allowing them to last outside, in the sun, near the salt and all of Australia’s harsh weather conditions.


  • 8x BBQ forks
  • Comes with a black canvas zip case
  • Adjustable lengths, from 27.9cm up to 81.3cm
  • Material: wood and 304 grade stainless steel
  • Anti-rust treated
  • Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black
  • Bonus skewers included